Monday, 25 July 2016

Aliyah Speech

Hi my name is aliyah I am here to convince you that drinking and driving is not only stupid. But deadly.  

Firstly Drinking and driving can is one of the leading causes of car crashes and accidents. In New Zealand there has been over 2,000 car crashes mostly caused by alcohol.  IM WARNING YOU PEOPLE DRINKING AND DRIVING  IS DEADLY !!.

Secondly if you were in a car crash you would have been lucky to survive or  lucky to leave with some life injuries or scars . This is what drinking and driving does. Drunk drivers are really dangerous especially if it was caused from a drunk driver.

Now here comes the stupid part. if you have an accident and you have been drinking your insurance company will not pay out on your claim.  That’s right you will have no car and no money.  You will have to walk everywhere.  Hold on that’s quite a good idea if you insist on getting in a car and driving after you have been drinking.

Drinking and driving even affects the families of those who do it. If you drink and drive you can go to jail and your family will be angry because you're away locked in jail for drinking,driving.  You can lose your license or have your car impounded.  That is stupid too.
There are 300,000 incidents of drinking and driving every day in cities, highways and rural roads throughout the world.  This is way too many people doing the wrong thing.

Millions of people have died in car crashes a lot of these were caused by drunk drivers.  Drunk drivers typically kill others by being on the wrong side of the road.Whole families have been wiped out in these crashes.  Mothers have lost sons and daughters, children have lost parents and grandparents and for what?  A lousy drink of Alcohol They died because they were drinking and driving.

That’s why dont drink and drive it is really bad. If you drink and while you're driving and you get pulled up from the cops they will ban you for 12 months or more for drinking and driving.

Thank you for listening to my speech hope you get lot of information So that's why stop drinking and driving.  

In conclusion you should not drink and drive because you can have a car crash and  it is a deadly thing and can cause your family to be sad for the rest of their lives. Thanks for listening to my speech


  1. Hello Aliyah my name is Toko I'm from Tautoro School I'll like to say you check your work before you post and make shore you it makes sence. Blog you later. From Toko.

  2. Hi Aliyah
    My name is Ruby I go to Tautoro school I enjoyed reading your story because it was not just easy to read but the truth it shows people what can happen and what they did was wrong and therefore losing their life for there choices but not just them they are also hurting other including friend family and others.

    I think you should go back and check your work there are a few mistake in their and you might need to check them because it would make it easier for the reader (like me) to read But other then that amazing story great work.

    And I just wanted to say your story really caught my attention it really made me realise what can happen in real life and how it will effect people.
    so once again great story.

    By Ruby

  3. Kia Ora Aliyah,
    My name is Anthony and i'm a year 7 student at Tautoro School. I really enjoyed reading your story because it had lots of facts to back up your story. It just goes to show what happens when your a drink driver. Deaths, injuries etc...

    But next time maybe you could get your story checked before you post it, because there were a few mistakes here and there. For example, no spaces after a comma and sometimes there was a double space.

    Other than that, great story, I hope to see more from you.

    See ya,