Monday, 25 July 2016

Patience persuasive writing

Why we should ban cigarettes.

Hi my name is Patience and my argument is that we should ban  cigarettes.
I personally believe that smoking should be stopped because It is bad and it has killed over 106,000 people and it’s sad. Cigarettes. can do damage to your brain and then your heart. Over 4,800 people suffer from cancer caused by cigarettes.

About 69% of smokers want to quit completely, but can’t.  Cigarettes should be banned from shops because you could buy food with you money instead of buying  cigarettes, you could buy weetbix and lunch for your children and buy meat and vegetables and other things you like. Cigarettes shorten your life.

Cigarettes give you bad breath. They cause really  bad damage. Sometimes cigarettes can make you get grey hair faster. Cigarettes can make your breath stink.  Cigarettes waste you time and your life. Cigarettes make your teeth fall out and you get black broken holley rotten teeth. Sometimes you will have no teeth.  

When you smoke around your baby your baby will die or get a disease. And it is sad when you baby dies and you don't want that.
When you start smoking, you get addicted to the cigarettes. And you want stop smoking. Unless you go to a Doctor and get someone to help you stop smoking.
Cigarettes make you really ugly When you smoke heaps of cigarettes your lips get  wrinkled and you don’t want to get wrinkly lips.
Also sometimes your fingernails get discolored.

Cigarettes are a major litter problem. When you go for walks to the park or play grounds  you see cigarettes on the ground. In fact anywhere you walk you can see cigarettes.

In conclusion, I am sure that you will agree, anything as deadly, toxic and soul destroying as cigarettes has no place in our world.  
Ban them today I say.

No Smoking, Ban, Cigarettes, ...

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  1. Hi Patience
    My name is Ruby I go to tautoro school I really enjoyed reading your story and it really caught my eye.

    But I think you should go back and check your work because their are some sentences that you can't properly and I think you should go back to make your story better and thats all from me.

    By Ruby