Monday, 25 July 2016

Brad's Speech

Gaming should be part of our school curriculum ?

Who  likes gaming?  Well I do, and this is why I feel gaming  should be part of the school curriculum?

Kia ora, My name is Brad and I’m going to try and convince you all why gaming should be part of the school curriculum, Why?  because gaming can help us learn in a cool and fun way, And most children would rather ENJOY learning on games , instead of being bored, which can lead to children distracting others and being off task.

Gaming should be part of the school curriculum because it may encourage students to come to school instead of skipping school, because ‘hey let’s face it’  it’s exciting to know that you can learn while playing games and having fun.

Sometimes children come to school tired because they are up late at night gaming, but if gaming is part of the school curriculum they don’t need to worry about missing out on gaming time because they do gaming at school.

When children are learning  they can often get tired, bored, irritated and lose focus but knowing that gaming is part of schools daily learning  can encourage children to  look forward to their learning and having a fun day. Nowadays technology is a huge part of our life and most children enjoy playing games.

There is now a wealth of research which shows that video games can be put to  educational use, as well as many studies which reveal how playing video games can improve reaction times and hand-eye co-ordination

Games like Building games, Driving games and even shooting games can help you to learn different skills like how to read, spell and do your maths also some games like simulation games can teach you how to drive.

Playing learning games at school is economical because you don’t need to spend money on getting pens, pencils, books and other stationery. You will only need to pay for your console and games.

Gaming can also be a career,  so if gaming is part of the school curriculum it can develop those particular skills needed.

In conclusion I think gaming should be part of the school curriculum because technology is a growing part of the future and learning should be fun, exciting and enjoyable, and that is why I feel GAMING SHOULD BE PART OF OUR SCHOOL CURRICULUM.

Thank you for listening to my speech

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  1. Hi Brad
    My name is Ruby I go to Tautoro school and I do agree with you in some part of learning but really why play game when you come to school to learn about what right and wrong in life and im just saying gaming is nothing like life but other then that great persuasive writing you have done and I find it very interesting that you think gaming should be in school learning but good work keep it up.
    By Ruby