Friday, 18 November 2016

Writing goals

This week students worked had to set new goals in their writing. They used a writing rubric shared with us by Robyn Anderson from Panmure Bridge School. This was very powerful and resulted in students setting meaningful goals and their own success criteria. This is Saphron's work. Title: I am a Taniwha. I was wrapped up in a ball falling through the air it felt wonderful and free. I took a deep breath of the aroma that surrounded me, It smelt like fresh trees, saltwater and hints of the Jasmine flower bushes, to me the smell was intoxicating and relaxing. I opened my eye’s and saw the sight that completed it, the ball of fire in the sky reflected on the water that went on and on for as far as the eye could see, the sand was a beautiful smooth creamy brown, all the trees that I saw where different shades of green, slowly dancing side to side with the breeze guiding it as it’s teacher. I then felt something more strong slowly wrap around me, I realized what it was. I’ve finally reached the water and have just broke through the surface of the blue clear water. I looked around me slowly ‘Beautiful,’ was all I could think about, as the sight around me left me gobsmacked. Fish swam around me, scales reflecting the sun, with the sea creatures dancing around me calmly, I felt like I was being showered by glitter. My face probably showed pure wonder at what could be found even more further into the depths of the water. I went back up to the surface and signed in happiness. I looked up only to see my cousin Lilly gazing straight back at me, laying still in the heating sand under the shade of the sunbrella, “Lilly!” I called out just catching my breath, “Is everything all right Saph?” “Yup, everything’s all goods Lilly!” “But you have to jump in!” “You have got to look at this,” “K!” She got up from the creamy brown sand and dived in the water, until she popped up right next to me. “Come under with me Lilly it’s gorgeous,” I dove back under the clear water with Lilly our hands were entwined, so we knew where the other was, we had air tanks so we took advantage of them and dove deeper into the water further away from the surface and reality. I looked up towards the surface and saw the sun reflecting off the water it was hypnotizing to me the way the orange and yellow mixed with the blue of the water. We could see the seabed, the pattern was wavy as if Tangaroa drew it himself. The sandbed had no signs of human hands. But we knew better than that. Lilly and I stopped in front of an enormous rock, surrounded by school’s of fish all unique and different in their extraordinary way. In the corner of my eye I saw something sway in the rocks. I let go of Lilly’s hand hesitantly and unsure, I saw Lilly slowly turn my way but I never saw her eye’s. I saw it again. I grew colder and colder in fright and anticipation, on what might be lurking around so I swam closer. I saw something at the corner of my eye’s again, but the outline to the creature was more defined and clear to me, the creature

New understandings

This week students chose to learn about earthquakes. To begin they had to use their prior knowledge then research and then synthesis their new understandings. From here some chose to share what they had learned on a google slide. This is Thomas's mahi

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Waka Ama

On Tuesday we were started our Waka Ama programme.  We are very fortunate to have Rob Cameron (one of our awesome local police officers) tutoring the students.
We started the morning with Rob telling the students the names of the parts of the waka and what they meant.  For example the name Waka is the male part of the vessel and Ama is the female part. We were also taught how to get in and out of the Waka and parts we could not step over.  

Rob then demonstrated the correct technique for paddling. 

After carrying the Waka down to the water the girls were keen to be first.  Some of them had paddled in the Waka previously, for others it was a completely new experience.  I was really impressed by the way the more experienced girls supported the new girls and the amount of time they took out of the water to encourage those new to this activity to have another go and demonstrate the correct technique.

All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to our weekly Waka Ama training.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

World Of Maths

We were very fortunate that Mrs Cameron organised the World Of Maths to come to our kura.  The resources were set up in Te Whare Awhina.  Mrs Por, Miss Hadwin and myself grouped the students in mixed groups which had year 5, 6, 7, and 8 students.

There were 17 different hands on activities which students could choose from.  Students had to work in co-operative groups and use their maths strategies and problem solving skills to find the solutions to the puzzles and problems.




Sunday, 30 October 2016

Kia ora Last term we embarked on a completely new learning journey. We became directors, editors and movie stars. Yes we made movies. We had to learn about camera shots, angles, types of films, script writing and we also had to problem solve. One of the problems we had to solve was how to make a movie as a class. We decided to write a script collaboratively. We made sure that part of our literacy time was dedicated to script writing. We agreed on ideas and we even let Whaea Chrissy have a say (she has a very strange sense of humour) Our class movie was shown at the Kaikohekohe Film Festival.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Maths week 1

This week students in room 8 identified fractions as a learning need. Throughout the week there were workshops that students could opt into. Here are some examples of what we learnt. image image image

Sunday, 18 September 2016

E learning Symposium

On Wednesday a group of students from Paihia School traveled to Kawakawa School to participate in an E learning Symposium. These students became teachers for a day and worked with adults and other students to share their learning.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Alazhay's Narrative Story


Once there was a village named Helgen full with village people. The village stood in a remote location with tall trees towering over it.  The only thing that was near Helgen was a dark giant cave engraved in a mountain with a scowling dragon watching over the people.

The people of the village were always happy. They danced around in joy and celebrated every moment of their life. At the top stood Laslo, the mighty king. He was a king who did anything to keep his citizens safe. Laslo's medieval knights, Quzi, Smosh and Jack were patrolling around the village looking for intruders, or the bad guys. His men were Loyal, trustworthy people who secured the village with their life.
There was a boy named Jeb and his mother named Alexstra who were always worried about everything. They were people who liked Living and Nature, But one day…

“Mommy why are there trees breaking?” said Jeb“I don't know but let's go tell the Guard!” Alexstra said “Uhm excuse me, my son said he heard trees falling” said Alexstra.“Hey Quzi let's go check out this forest” said JackThe two knights wandered off to check, but as soon as the walked through the gates,

RAAAAARR!! The dragon yelled, jumping out of the bush.

The two knights ran back into the village securing everyone into the castle.

The people where terrified and jumped backwards as far as they can.

The knights were suprised that a dragon lived near them.

“Get the bows Smosh” said Laslo

Smosh ran to get the bow and arrows down the hall while Quzi & Jack fought off the dragon.

Smosh sprinted as fast as he could to get the Bows, they lay just five rooms ahead of him

“I got them” Smosh shouted

Smosh ran back gasping for air, but he would do anything for the citizens. Smosh kept running until he got to his destination.

“Here King Laslo” Smosh said while restoring his lungs with air.Both of them ran down and started aiming at the dragon.

The dragon let out a roar, spewing acid from the back of his throat, out towards the village

The dragon traveled around the village eroding whatever came in its path“This dragon is mighty” Laslo whispered to himself

“Phh” Quzi let go of the arrow making a whistling sound on its way to the dragon. The arrow slit the flesh piercing through the heart of the dragon. The dragon ROARED leaving echoing sounds traveling through the forest.

When the area was clear, the citizens of Helgen were relieved that the dragon was gone and there will be no more chaos. The village thanked the knights and king for their bravery.

“Horrah!, Horrah!, Horrah.!” they yelled

It will take many months to rebuild this chaotic mess but nothing can stop us” Laslo said to himself. Laslo and his three men were proud of themselves so they congratulated everyone with a nice cold drink...

Monday, 25 July 2016

Alazhays Speech

Gaming is more educational than sports.

Some people say gaming is bad for children and does nothing for their learning. Well I disagree.
My name is Alazhay and i strongly disagree that gaming is bad for children and does nothing for their learning.

Firstly, One of my reasons is because games teach you to Build, Drive and everything else. Gaming is not bad considering it helps with architecture if you play Minecraft. Gaming should be part of the school curriculum.

Secondly, Researched facts say Gaming helps you by improving critical thinking skills and reading comprehension as well as teaching you new eye coordination skill sets. Gaming stretches your mind so you think harder and use skills. Also a proven fact is because it relieves stress.

Thirdly, Gaming /is an awesome way to learn and earn money at the same time. If you're a youtuber you start getting paid for advertisements on your videos or when you hit 1,000 views on your uploads you get $8.00. Youtubing is a awesome activity. The #1 Highest ranked Youtuber in the world is PewDiePie with earnings of $14 million dollars a year. Now does this want to make you agree with me

Fourthly, Gaming teaches you coordination and you also have to multitask in gaming. In action games you have to use Accuracy and Strategy and Anticipation. Decision making and Problem is a big part of Games like Minecraft Story Mode. When you play games you develop faster reflexes.

So these are my reasons why I disagree about people thinking gaming is bad for children and does nothing for their learning. Thank you for listening to my speech. 

Jordon's speech

Why Gaming Is More Interesting  Than School Work

Hi  my name is Jordon I'm going to talk to you about why I think gaming is more interesting than school work.

Firstly, games like building games, driving games and even shooting games helps you to learn different skills. It can teach you to read, spell and do your maths. Take minecraft for a example. It can teach you maths with all the numbers and counting in the game.

There are some online maths games that can help you with some maths just look up some maths sites and you can find some good ones that can show you how to solve maths problems.

Secondly, gaming teaches you  researching skills.  If you are stuck on a level you can research some good facts that can help you with the game. You can get some cheats and codes that can help you through it and if there is something in the game you don't get, you can just look it up on youtube, so it can show you what to do.

There are some games that can help you to do more learning. Because the game can show you how to read even sometimes the game reads to you so you know what to do. You can get help with your spelling like if there are some words you didn't know about. They can read it to you and tell you all about it.

Thirdly, you can get a good online education program for around thirty  dollars a month and when people start playing games and think they're good at it they go and bet for money but sometimes you can win and sometimes you lose.

In conclusion  I think gaming is more interesting than school work because you can still learn the same amount of learning you do at school with online games.

And that is why i think gaming is more interesting than school work.