Sunday, 18 September 2016

E learning Symposium

On Wednesday a group of students from Paihia School traveled to Kawakawa School to participate in an E learning Symposium. These students became teachers for a day and worked with adults and other students to share their learning.


  1. Hi room 8 I'm Tahnellah from KawaKawa Primary School! I like your guy's video. I hoped you guy's had fun.

    What was your favourite part?
    Did you had fun?

  2. I am proud of the students from Paihia School who went to the E-Learning Symposium to teach other teachers, parents and students. Well done. I learned alot at the Symposium and look forward to the next one.

  3. Hi my name is Sky I am a year four student at Ohaeawai Primary School.How was the E symposium? bye.

  4. Kia ora room 8.
    I really enjoyed your cool video. It really impressed me. Did you know that some people from our school is in there. Here is a little question, Was it challenging to open the lock.