Monday, 25 July 2016

Alazhays Speech

Gaming is more educational than sports.

Some people say gaming is bad for children and does nothing for their learning. Well I disagree.
My name is Alazhay and i strongly disagree that gaming is bad for children and does nothing for their learning.

Firstly, One of my reasons is because games teach you to Build, Drive and everything else. Gaming is not bad considering it helps with architecture if you play Minecraft. Gaming should be part of the school curriculum.

Secondly, Researched facts say Gaming helps you by improving critical thinking skills and reading comprehension as well as teaching you new eye coordination skill sets. Gaming stretches your mind so you think harder and use skills. Also a proven fact is because it relieves stress.

Thirdly, Gaming /is an awesome way to learn and earn money at the same time. If you're a youtuber you start getting paid for advertisements on your videos or when you hit 1,000 views on your uploads you get $8.00. Youtubing is a awesome activity. The #1 Highest ranked Youtuber in the world is PewDiePie with earnings of $14 million dollars a year. Now does this want to make you agree with me

Fourthly, Gaming teaches you coordination and you also have to multitask in gaming. In action games you have to use Accuracy and Strategy and Anticipation. Decision making and Problem is a big part of Games like Minecraft Story Mode. When you play games you develop faster reflexes.

So these are my reasons why I disagree about people thinking gaming is bad for children and does nothing for their learning. Thank you for listening to my speech. 

Jordon's speech

Why Gaming Is More Interesting  Than School Work

Hi  my name is Jordon I'm going to talk to you about why I think gaming is more interesting than school work.

Firstly, games like building games, driving games and even shooting games helps you to learn different skills. It can teach you to read, spell and do your maths. Take minecraft for a example. It can teach you maths with all the numbers and counting in the game.

There are some online maths games that can help you with some maths just look up some maths sites and you can find some good ones that can show you how to solve maths problems.

Secondly, gaming teaches you  researching skills.  If you are stuck on a level you can research some good facts that can help you with the game. You can get some cheats and codes that can help you through it and if there is something in the game you don't get, you can just look it up on youtube, so it can show you what to do.

There are some games that can help you to do more learning. Because the game can show you how to read even sometimes the game reads to you so you know what to do. You can get help with your spelling like if there are some words you didn't know about. They can read it to you and tell you all about it.

Thirdly, you can get a good online education program for around thirty  dollars a month and when people start playing games and think they're good at it they go and bet for money but sometimes you can win and sometimes you lose.

In conclusion  I think gaming is more interesting than school work because you can still learn the same amount of learning you do at school with online games.

And that is why i think gaming is more interesting than school work.