Thursday, 24 March 2016

CyberBullying We have been learning about cyberbullying, how cyberbullying affects others and what the differences are with cyberbullying and bullying. I think I did well in putting different facts into different slides. I could make it better next time by gathering more information about the differences between bullying and cyberbullying. I enjoyed sorting facts and information into groups.

Noah's broken arm story

Boing I was on the tramp at my friends house it had no sides a soft blue rim, we were jumping on his tramp.
I got double bounced off the tramp and 08/03/2016  I was flying through the sky thinking ‘this was gonna hurt’. I landed on my arm as soon as my body hit the ground I screamed in pain “AHHH HELP ME” it hurt so bad, it felt like my arm was chopped off with 1,000 sharp blades. My friends mum ran out into the back yard she saw me lying on the ground crying, she called my mum to come over she put me on the couch I had a pillow under it but it still hurt, my mum was taking me to the hospital to get an x-ray “AHHH” I shouted “we're almost there” my mum said said.
We got to the hospital they had to x-ray my arm some of the position’s it was in hurt, then when they finished they took me into a room it had a bed a desk with dentist stuff on it I was really worried and scared.
The nurse said to “take a seat”
I sat on  the bed with my arm out “this won’t hurt a bit” she said they put this orange liquid on my arm, then wrapped a bandage around my arm after that  they finally put the cast on it hurt so bad like some claws digging into my arm.

We were learning to do more description in our writing so I decided to write about the time I broke my arm, What I think I did well was with my use of description in the story and what I think I could do better next time is punctuation.

Izaks Geography General Knowledge

I hope you enjoyed

Today I learned about New Zealand What I think I did well was seeking the information  What I think I should do better next time is that I got the pictures mucked up and put them on the wrong slides (but I fixed them ) but I can’t take full responsibility I had help from my friend Fernando  

TREMAYNES Presentation Cyber Bullying

I've been learning to find information on websites about cyber bullying. What I think I did well was using some information from other websites. what I think I could improve on is putting piece of my writing into my own words. I hope you like it enjoyed it.

24/03/2016 I am learning about cyber bullying and what to do when you are been cyber bullied. I think I did the presentation really well because I chose my words carefully. Next time I will make the cube moviment match faster.

What did I do or WALT: What I was doing was writing about a time with friends and whanau. What I think I did well: I jumped straight into the story and I put more descriptive words. What I think I could do better next time: I could make the story a bit longer.

Recount: A time with friends.
“Splash” paint splatter all over the back of my head I turn around Boom Boom more paintballs flying out of the barrel towards me. I duck and fire the gun the bullets spray towards my cousin. He runs back to the tower and hides. I jogged after him to the tower he’s aiming the gun down the ladder to shoot me 5 minutes left to go my uncle said. Ok my cousin and I yelled I was peering through the gaps of the wood waiting for him to come down. Then I saw him peeking through the gaps saw I grabbed my gun and fired. I hit my target right in the face victory is mine.   

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Thomas Injury

Woosh there i go down the bluff in Waitangi i was going fast as a ostrich. I was scared as you would be in a  haunted house. I put my legs out and car was next to  me. When i put my legs out hit my foot on the tire and to make it even worse i had no shoes on. when  my feet hit the rubber of the tire my feet . It felt like a element on  the stove ouch!!!!! i shouted. I started feeling dizzy.  my head felt like a drum in a marching band. i started to to rub my foot that got burnt from the tire.  There was red as rash on my foot. It was red as a red pencil that you colour in with. So then i told the driver that burnt my foot my dads phone number. my dad rushed from work and came to check on me. My dad called the ambulance. 111 emergency fire, ambulance or police. My dad replied “ambulance please”. And the they they talked away like a bunch of chatter birds. They came to the bluff and they put me in the ambulance truck. And drove off to Kawakawa Hospital. When i got there it was 2:00 pm. I had to stay there for Three nights.

My reflection 

What did I do or WALT: what I  was doing Is that I was writing a time when I was either sick or got hurt. I chose about a time when I got hurt.

What I think I did well: what I think I did well was that I put interesting and descriptive words In It.

What I think I could do better next time:  what i could do better time Is that I could put  more detail and words In It

What I enjoyed about It: what I enjoyed about my writing Is finishing It and re-reading I.  I felt really proud

DeBonos Hats We have been learning about the flag referendum, we learnt about how people felt about the flag being changed and how it affected people. I think I did well in gathering facts and information. I think I could make it better next time by getting more information on the positive side about the flag being changed. I enjoyed gathering all the facts and information and sorting it out into different coloured hats e.g. positive, negative, feelings, thinking, creativity and facts.

Today I learnt to jump straight into the Story. I thought I did well but I still think I have to work on more Precise Words

I was scootering down the pathway and tripped on a bump. Blood came gushing out of my hip splating everywhere. I yelled for help then help arrived. It felt like someone was stabbing my hip with a Knife. I covered my deep graze with my T-Shirt hoping it would stop.

As I tried to walk home my graze kept getting soarer and soarer. “I can't wait till my pain stops” I said. It was getting worser now feeling like a Machete when I walk. The pain was killing me.  .