Monday, 5 September 2016


  1. Kia Ora Paihia School
    Congratulations on your successful cross country. It really looks like you guys enjoyed the day! By the look on your faces I can tell you guys gave it your best. Winning isn’t everything.

    I have a question about your video though. Are any of the kids in your video of different age groups? Maybe something for next time would be to say that this is a video with children of all ages. This will make it clearer to your viewers and lets them know this isn’t the students of your class.

    Something in our class that we have been learning is about how to do speeches and how to present these speeches. I still haven’t spoken mine but am first on Monday to do it. My speech is about inspiring people and how my uncle who passed away about 2 weeks ago has inspired me. It would also be great if you could check out my blog. This is the link.


  2. Dear Paihia School,

    Cool video! I really like how there were sentences on the bottom of the video telling you all about what cross-country is about! It is definitely not about winning! I also like how you said, “We were all champions of the day!” That is really encouraging to make you get out there and do it!

    Next time though it would be cool if you showed some of the kids celebrating! I know for a fact that most kids would love a reason to celebrate!

    I hope you guys had a really fun day! Here is the link to our blog if you want to check it out!

    Bye now Tara!

  3. Kia ora Paihia school,

    I come from the West Coast. I really enjoyed your video you made. What I liked about your video is how you laid it out! When I went to Canterbury cross country I didn’t think that any of that dirty stuff matters when you’re running.

    I was very nervous when I was about to start. When I did cross country I would always get into West Coast but the run is about 3 km long which is pretty long. When did you do cross country this year?

    While you have be doing cross country we have been doing working on our speeches about issues around the world. Once again I really enjoyed your video on cross country. Keep making good helpful videos . If you want a look at my blog here’s the link

    Karoro school- Bradley


  4. Kia ora Room 8
    My name is Connor, I am from Karoro School Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island . My hobbies include sports and driving my rc car and hanging out with my mates . Where is your school in New Zealand ? I really enjoyed watching your video on cross country.

    Recently our school held an olympic games with lots of different events. Every year group had to participate apart from the year 8’s because they were the officials. Everyone had to participate in every event. Some of the events were hockey , running ,basketball.

    Maybe next time you could put in more writing or have someone talk over the video. Were there any year 7 or year 8’s at the event or was it just younger children . Our school cross country was in term 2 this year but it was rained off this year. Does it rain a lot where your school is?

    From Connor

  5. Hello Pahia School

    I would like to say that your animoto was really good. The message in there was good too. The way you set it out looked like it was really special to your school. I hope all the school students really liked doing cross country all day.

    I remember our schools cross country and I really enjoyed it. It was such an energetic atmosphere to be around. I was happy to get to the end of the race because I was so tired. I hope that the students had a good time and felt proud of themselves.

    I bet all the helpers at the cross country were really happy to run the event. The way you told the world about your cross country was really good. So many people need to present in a different way and I'm glad that you did. I hope all the students had a good time.

    By Sam - Karoro School

  6. Kia Ora Room 8 Paha School,

    I am Greanne from the South Island West Coast. I like how you made the video short and attractive. The introduction was very cool how, because it was very calming. We haven't had or school cross country yet, but I can’t wait. The music was nice and soft and not loud and noisy. What is the distance of running do you have to do?

    When you edited this video did you use Imovie or another app? At our school we use Imovie. You had some good action pictures. I like how the pictures aren't blurry but clear. The quote at the end that said “We Were All Champions On The Day” was really cool. The colours worked well together even the white words were clear to see.

    Maybe you could make the picture not move so much so we could see the pictures a bit better. Also you could maybe make the music start straight away. At the end the quote that you do makes great sense,

    Here is a link to my blog:

  7. Kia Ora Room 8 Paihia School

    My name is Jack from Karoro School and I liked the photos of your cross country. It looked fun and it was a good day for it. We had bad weather for our cross country. Hopefuly we have good weather for our cross country.

    Next time you could put little videos instead of pictures and you could improve on the time on the video. Your video could go for longer. Also next time you could say where you did your cross country, what day you did it, how long it took the fastest person to run it and you could say how many people participated.

    If you want to see some of my learning check out my blog at where I share most of my learning like writing and reading and more.

    From Jack at Karoro School.

  8. Hi my name is Tremaine and I go to Kawakawa primary school.I like your cross country photos.It looked so fun and like a great day.We had good weather for our cross country and hopefuly we have good weather again for our other cross country.I hope next cross country you come first.
    Next time you could put little videos instead of pictures and you could improve on the time on the video.If you want to see some of my learning check out my blog at

  9. Kia Ora Room 8

    My name is Shanen from Kawakawa Primary School, I like your slides, cross country is also about having fun.

    where was your cross country?And how many people participated?

    Great job on the slide I really enjoyed it bye have a nice day. :D

  10. Kia ora Room 8 My name is Simonie-lee from Kawakawa primary school.I really like your pics looks like yous had an awesome time but maybe next time you could put some videos in it.Where did yous have your cross country?

  11. Kia Ora room 8

    My name is Shanen from KawaKawa Primary School. I really enjoyed your slide.It looks like it was a lot of fun.

    When did you guys have your cross country? How many people participated?

    Great job on the slides i really liked it, Keep up the good work.

    Shanen :)

  12. Kia ora kouto. My name is Tyreece from Ohaeawai school
    looks like you guys had fun . Some of the kids from my school are going to dargaville for the other cross country because they came in the top 11 i came 8th im going. But looks like all of you guys had fun. And good luck next year. Come to my blog. Tyreece. Ohaeawai school blog year 6 and dont just go on our teachers 1 cause we have our own blogs. see ya

  13. Kia ora Room 8

    My name is Karen from Ohaeawai school you must had a great time at cross country and I wonder what placings you guys came please visit my blog later.> Karen's Blog

  14. Hi Pahia School, my name is Ty and I'm from Ohaeawai School. Looks like you guys had an awesome time and gave it your all. Keep up the good work.

  15. Hi Pahia School, my name is Ty and I'm from Ohaeawai School. Looks like you guys had an awesome time and gave it your all. Keep up the good work.

  16. Hi,
    My name Breanna I go to ohaeawai primary. I like your video it is really cool. I like the way that you had fun with all your friends. Keep it up.

  17. Hi my name is Jamie and I go to Ohaeawai school. Cool video, I like the background behind the images.

    Come and see my blog!> Jamie's Blog

  18. Hi my name is Tuishaly and i go to Tautoro school and my friends made it in to the Dargaville cross country
    they are fit you must be fit to.

  19. Hi room 8 my name is Tahnellah and I go to KawaKawa Primary School!I like your guy's photo's of cross country and who came first?

    What did you guy's like when you were running?

  20. hi room 8 i really liked your writing and photos about your cross country it looked really fun