Thursday, 2 June 2016

Short shorts no no

Short shorts no no
Reported by: Kartell

During the holidays Thomas Takimoana,his cousin, sister, step brother and niece went to the Kawakawa pool at the Bay Of Islands  Recreation  centre.

While they were swimming a gentleman in very short shorts came out of the changing rooms . Thomas and his family found this very amusing. They started laughed at him, he turned and stared at them.   They got nervous and swam away.

Thomas said he learnt a very important lesson. This was,  not to ever wear short shorts in a public place or to the pools .

Olympic swimming pool andWater polo at Robinson Pool

I was learning to write a report about my buddy’s holliday. We had to do Who they were with What they did Where they went. Then Whaea Chrissy and I had to organise them into paragraphs. So it would make sense. I also had to think of a headline to hook the reader in.
I think i learnt a lot about reports I really like the title name Short Short No No the funny bit is when the Gentleman in very short shorts comes out


  1. Hi Kartell, that was a very funny story you have there. particularly how short were his short shorts?

  2. Hi Paihia school Room 8. That is quite a funny story. How embarrassed do you think the man was? please visit my blog at:

  3. Kia ora Kartell. Good to see use of paragraphs - you have been successful in this. One of your next steps to improve your writing could be to edit your work for correct use of full stops and capital letters.

  4. Great work Kartell,It must have been really fun going swimming with your family,Maybe next time could you add more pictures?What swimming suit were you wearing.