Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Saphrons Matariki slides


  1. Wow i like how you have been learning about the stars and how you have been sharing your work with everyone
    how did you learn about them and why?

  2. Great work Saphron,You know a lot about star's and you must have searched a lot about matariki.Next time,Could you add lots more facts?Cause I really love learning about space!Are you Interested in space too?

  3. Hi,
    Great work,
    You musy know a heap about matariki because I didnt even know all of that stuff.

  4. I enjoy reading your post and I learnt some interesting facts, I didn't know the star's names. I like how you used a different color for the writing but you could still read it. I also liked how you had put a reflection.