Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Biography By Thomas

By: Thomas Ann Makosinski- who changed the world. Ever wanted to change the world by inventing a flashlight that runs on the heat of the human hand alone? British columbia's Ann Makosinski was able to invent a flashlight that runs purely without batteries. She was Born in October 3rd 1997 in victoria, Canada. She is now 18 years old. She also goes to St. michaels university. Her interests are science and insects. She invented it in 2013 on December the 23rd and when she was 16 She invented the hollow flashlight. She was on the tonight show twice with Jimmy Fallon. She also invented the e-drink on the 14th of April 2015.. Ann Makosinski is a good and inspirational person to study about. Especially if you need to study Science and Insects. She has an amazing life. My reflection: WALT: I was learning to structure a biography What I did well: What I think I did well is that I was the last one to start my biography and I finished early. What I could Do better next time: I could just start on biography instead of starting video notes over and over again. Brad helped me fix up my mistakes that I had for my biography.. Thank you brad. REPORT CHECKLIST - SELF ASSESSMENT My work has a title. Yes I have introduced my topic with a general statement. Yes I have a new paragraph for each different set of facts. Yes I have written these facts in my own words (not a copy and paste, this is called plagiarism) Yes I have used language that is precise and factual. yes I have a conclusion ending. Yes I have checked my work for spelling mistakes. Yes I have used capital letters, full stops, commas and other punctuation where it is needed. yes I am satisfied that my work makes sense. Yes I am proud of my writing. Yes My reflection yes


  1. Hi, I really like all the information you have put in your work I didn't know this this kind of torch existed. I like how you've included your peer and self assessment for your work. Maybe next time you could leave a gap in between your report and your assessment to make it easier to read.

  2. Hey Thomas,I thought this was very interesting to read.I like how you said that she has been on Jimmy Fallon. I thought it was a great idea to include your self assessment, it really shows how much work you have put into your writing.Maybe next time you could try to present your writing in an exciting way.You could try pikrochart ask your teacher first for permission to create an account.