Thursday, 15 October 2015


Today we participated in the New Zealand Shake Out.  This happened at 9.15 this morning.
We practiced drop, cover and hold.  

To make things slightly more authentic we identified hazards in our class and placed them where we thought they would land in an earthquake. 

We did not move our furniture, we only moved books and unsecured objects.

This was bad enough!

We were lucky that we didn't experience a real earthquake and we were able to put things back in order quickly


  1. I think this is cool and creative how you make it look real and the pictures are, nice good work

  2. Hi Room 8. This is Ezra from Room 6.
    Your photos of Room 8 during and after an earthquake were great.They set an example for little children and show how serious an earthquake can be.What a mess Room 8 was! Luckily it wasn't real but we know it could happen at anytime.