Friday, 11 September 2015

Taimana's Zoo Keeper Application

As a response to reading about elephants at Auckland Zoo I chose to write a job application.
Job: Application for Elephant Keeper At Auckland Zoo
Name: Taimana
Age: 13
Cell Phone: 02765 Apple Ice-Cream
Home Phone: 09 408 Chocolate yum
Address: 43 Princess Street Avenue Perth Australia
Email Address:
Postal Code: 9166

Personal Qualities:
I am very familiar with Elephants and their actions especially when it comes to taking care of their habitat’s and having them in a routine. I am a great entertainer when I have a group of people I am a very well organised person, I am always on time, I am passionate and well committed to all of the things that I do in my career .I currently come to school on time every day.

My Knowledge Of Auckland Zoo and Elephant Programme:

I know that Auckland zoo has FC were the Elephants can wonder where they  are protected not Isolated. I also know that there are only 2 elephants in Auckland  zoo at the moment.  Auckland zoo are hoping to give one of the elephants a special method when they are older so they can breed more elephants into the zoo.


  1. Kia ora Taimana. You have listed some good qualities needed to care for elephants.
    Just a tip - thoroughly check your work before it is published on the class Blog. This is also essential for a job application. There are numerous errors that made it hard to understand what you were trying to communicate.

    1. Thank you Mrs Lindsay I will get onto that

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  3. KIA ORA
    Taimana I like your Zoo Keeper Application it could be really useful for me to do some of my work. Good work, you did not over think it and put to much stuff on it.I will give it a 4/10
    Nice work KEEP ON TRYING