Friday, 25 September 2015

A Zootacular Application.

As A Response To Reading A book About Auckland Zoo I Decided To Write A Job Application.

Application For Elephant Keeper.

Name: Aquilla.
Age: 11
Home phone: 09402 Eat Bananas
Cell phone: 02724 Pukenana
Email address:
Address: 66 Princess Street Avenue Perth Australia.
Postal code: 9166

My personal qualities:
I have many different personal qualities especially when it comes to looking after animals like Elephants, My main qualities as a Elephant keeper would be: I care towards animals and people, I am a hard worker, I am passionate about Elephants and want to make elephants feel like they are at home, I am punctual and efficient when it comes to being on time for things, I am committed to animals and hard work, I understand the needs of animals and lastly I am always self-motivated in my work.

Relevant experiences:
I have a dog and a cat. I have to feed them everyday, brush them, pat them, clean them, walk them and care for them. I also need to clean their outside and inside area. I love my pets.

My knowledge of Auckland zoo’s Elephant programme:
I know that there are 2 elephants in Auckland Zoo named Burma and Anjalee, Burma is 32 years old and Anjalee is  9 years old. I know that Auckland zoo is Home to 138 different species, and over 875 animals. Auckland Zoo has a programme that they use with the Elephants called (FC) where the Elephants have free contact with visitors, tourists or local people which means they are not surrounded by many fences and walls.

What I enjoyed about this Activity:
The things that I really enjoyed about this activity was, learning some more about elephants and creating my first job application.  

What I think I did well:
The things that I think I did well in this activity were learning some more about Auckland zoo and using different images on the internet to help me write the text in my application.

What I think I could improve on:
The things that I think I could improve on would be listing more of my qualities and giving more information about myself.

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