Friday, 25 September 2015

Mikah's epic elephant enclosure

I read a text about elephants and I learned what they need in an elephant enclosure.  They need water, trees for  shelter, mud for relaxation and cooling down.  They need a warm sleeping place that does not have concrete, otherwise they will get infections in their feet.  This what made the last elephant in the zoo really sick and then it had to be put down. I thought about what they needed first and then I imagined it in my mind, which gave me the ideas for drawing.  Then I drew it on paper and used the I pad to capture it.


  1. Hi Mikah. I am impressed with the detail you have put into designing your elephant enclosure. You also taught me something - I did not know that the concrete enclosure contributed to the death of the elephant at the zoo. Well done.

  2. Hi this is Maija from Room 7.
    I like it that you have decided to share this sketch and I think that any elephant would be happy to live in that enclosure.
    I have to say the birds eye view is my favourite part.

  3. Hi, I think the text is interesting and the drawing is well done. I feel sorry for that elephant and I hope another elephant doesn't get put down.