Friday, 26 June 2015

Persuasive Writing

Future Focused Education is Best for all Students.

Do you want your student to be bright and bubbly and even running to school Or do you what a child that you have to drag to school because they don’t like being in the classroom. Hi, my name is Taimana, and I am here to get you to consider whether all New Zealand schools, should be Future Focused schools. I believe that schools should teach a future focused curriculum because every day the world is producing and inventing better and new technologies. This daily access to future focused learning will help all students to access up to date knowledge, and prepare us for our future career and it’s fun.

Firstly why are schools in New Zealand going digital, Schools are going digital because it helps children to ready themselves for the 21st century. Schools are basing their learning around inquiry where students must access their knowledge on the internet. Just imagine it, no more waiting for that elusive library book, children have access to worldwide knowledge through google, wikipedia, youtube and even Twitter. Teachers encourage their students to explore the internet to gain greater knowledge.

Secondly Apple and Google have created Apps for learning. In today’s world there are thousands of apps. These apps cover every aspect of the curriculum and are great for enhancing our learning. For example on the chromebook there is an app called booktrack where we can read a book that others are reading so we don’t need to reserve it in the library. There are so many apps to help us improve things like reading and writing, with the read and write app it reads our writing to so we can pick up on our own mistakes.
Thirdly, digital technologies help students to learn faster. Children can research and study interests that could not have been studied before due to the lack of library books covering that topic. As teachers and students use digital devices in the classroom learning challenges are becoming much easier  to cope with, this is because learning is now fun and interesting.

Lastly, I have always believed that technologies would help us for fill our potential no matter what devices we use. However we should not forget what we can still do with a pencil and a piece of paper as they also help to prompt our imaginations.

In conclusion, successful people have achieved so many great things with digital strategies and technologies. I believe the school I’m learning at will help me to become a successful person because I’m in a future focused classroom.

By Taimana

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