Thursday, 18 June 2015


Dayton's Reflection.
Today we traveled to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds to learn different knowledge about Matariki and to participate in Matariki activities with Kawakawa and Oromahoe School. We learnt how to make a rose out of harakeke its was a bit difficult for all students. My favourite activity was the games, we played maui, matou and hakariki. Then we made kites out of nikau leaves. We weaved the leaves so it formed a kite shape and we tied them onto a stick. Unfortunately we couldn't keep the stick to put your kites on. I learnt different knowledge about matariki and how to find it in the sky. It was a good experience at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.
Ryan's Reflection.
Today we went to Waitangi to tutor other schools and learn how to play games, weave flax and make kites. So first we started at weaving we had to make flowers then no one really got it except  Mikah and I. Miss Simeon asked us to tutor the other schools. So we accepted the challenge, said yes. The rest of our class moved on to the other activities, while Mikah and I stayed back with Whaea Priscilla. Then Kawakawa School arrived at our weaving activity, but only 3/4s of the group attempted to weave.  I enjoyed showing everyone how to weave.
Jordon's Reflection.
Today we all went for a walk to Waitangi to learn about traditional Matariki knowledge. We played Maori games, made flowers with flax and made kites with nikau palm. Then we all listen to stories that Matua Ngati Kawa told us. Throughout the day we rotated to each activities, played games listened to stories and made some cool kites. Then all of Paihia School boys started to play bull rush and tag but Ryan had to stay and make flowers with flax. When we made the kites we had to tie them on a stick but when we finished, we all had to give the sticks back.
Aquilla's Reflection.
Today my class traveled down to Waitangi, to celebrate Matariki week. I got the opportunity to tutor three different schools in kite making. (Oromahoe School, KawaKawa school, and Paihia School)
I learnt new tutoring skills when teaching student how to make a Kite, and I met a lot of new people. I really enjoyed today.
It would be better if we got time to play, eat and rest. 

Anihera's Reflection.
This morning, my class and I went to the Treaty Grounds to learn more about Matariki. We had six tutors from our school, Te Ariki, Aquilla, Taimana, Saffron, Mikah and Nicole
The First activity we did was weaving with Whaea Priscilla. We weaved a rose, it was complicated. The second activity we did was pick up sticks it was sort of hard because we had to try pick up a rakau without moving another rakau. After that, we got bored and played maui matau. Then the last activity was making kites. We learnt a lot more about Matariki then you would think you knew. In the end it was fun.
Taimana's Reflection.
Today I was a tutor at Waitangi because it’s Matariki Celebration Week. I was helping students make kites out of nikau palm. It was very fun. There were three schools; Paihia School, Oromahoe School and Kawakawa School. Some kids worked really well today at making the kites and didn't need so much help compared to other students who found it difficult to follow simple instructions. There were sports, kite making, storytelling and flax weaving. Today I learnt how to teach a group of children to make a kite. To be honest, it was a very long and a hard day with not many breaks but we still worked to the best of our ability. I think this has taught me a lot today and I am very proud of myself. I hope the students I tutored have learnt too today because we put a lot of work into this day.
Andrew's Reflection.
Today all of room 8 went to Waitangi for Matariki Celebrations. We completed heaps of activities like kite making, flax weaving, games and stories telling us about Matariki. The other schools who were there were Oromahoe and Kawakawa. In weaving, I learnt how to fold and make patterns with the flax, it was hard because I didn't know what side to use. because Whaea Priscilla was standing opposite to me. and I didnt hear her. Today I enjoyed what I learned and what I made.
Alazhay's Reflection.
Today we went to Waitangi, Treaty Grounds to learn Maori activities. We went there to celebrate Matariki and to learn how to do traditional Maori activities. There were three Schools; Oromahoe, Kawakawa and Paihia. We made kites, roses, listened to stories and to play games. I liked the kite making because it was easy and fun to make and to fly around. I enjoyed this day because there were lots of people and we had a lot of fun and we also learnt  when and how to see the Matariki Stars.
Nicole's Reflection.
Today my class and I traveled to Waitangi Treaty Grounds to celebrate the beginning of Matariki Week. We made roses out of flax, and learnt Maori games. Then we made some kites, there we learnt to weave our kites out of nikau. Lastly we moved onto storytelling. Today was a special day for me because, this is the first time for me to be in a Matariki Week. So I had a great day at the Treaty Grounds today. The only thing I would change Is the next time we could have a longer time for having morning tea and lunch.

TeAriki Nui's Reflection.
Today we went to Waitangi to celebrate Matariki tradition. We made kites, played games, made flowers out of flax and listen to stories.Then all the schools went around in circle just doing  all the things that we had ready.
My favourite  thing was the games, my favourite game was pick up sticks, and matau, maui. I enjoyed this day because it was traditional Maori activities. When we were there, my friends and I played bull rush and tag. We caught the van back to school and we did some maths and we were supposed to do sports but we didn't.

Mikah's Reflection.
Today Room 8 and other schools went to Waitangi to learn about traditional Matariki activities. Ryan, TeAriki, Taimana, Saphron, Aquilla and I taught Maori games, weaving and kite making. I was teaching how to weave a rosebud out of flax. We learnt to be gentle with the flax and nikau palm when weaving. I've learnt a lot about Matariki. In the end it was a fun day and I think all the kids enjoyed it.


  1. hi this is Zaedyn from Ohaeawai primary school Roni is my aunty hi aunty I liked what you guys did with matariki we did the same thing at the treaty grounds. Zaedyn.

    1. Kia ora Zaedyn I will let your Aunty Roni know that you commented on our class blog. Hopefully you enjoyed your day at Waitangi and know my students did.