Friday, 26 June 2015

Persuasive Writing

Chromebooks are mightier than Pen and Paper.
I believe the chromebook has the rightful place in a digital classroom,... am  I right?
I mean how many of you grow up with pen and paper? Every day from morning to night,  rushing to get all homework finished by the next day. My name is Nicole, and today I will be convincing you why we should use  the chromebook in our daily classroom learning.

Firstly technology is awesome. With a smartphone in your pocket and a laptop on your desk, you don’t have to worry about back problems. When you have textbooks and exercise books, you have to take them home, and then bring them back to school. That’s a lot of weight on your back. But think about it, with your chromebook it’s like having all your books and pencils weighing in at less than 500 grams. Chromebooks are definitely great for my posture.

Secondly, chromebooks have proven to be an extremely valuable tool for schools and teaching. It’s a great way to introduce the teacher and students to technology. You can use apps to help you to plan and create, for example: lucidchart, matific, spelling fun, typing club and sumo paint are just some of the great apps we use in class.

Chromebooks are connected to the internet, so it helps you, the student, to connect to the latest knowledge. So if you don’t know just google it.

Thirdly, it’s just as fast working with a chromebook than it is working with pen and paper. High school students have said, that they are realizing that with chromebooks, they are getting their work tasks completed much quicker, for example: if they need help with their learning because, they don't understand it, they can just search it up.

Forthly, you can write speeches much quicker, instead of writing for hours, trying to concentrate on organising your ideas and using up heaps of paper. When you use a chromebook, you have all your paper in just one electronic device. Plus the screen helps to see your ideas clearly because the typing is a lot neater than your handwriting.

Finally a chromebook does have a rightful place in a digital classroom. I'm enjoying it, and I think you will too.

By Nicole


  1. Kia ora Nicole. You have presented a well written argument. I agree with your point of view. Chromebooks are saving alot of paper therefore trees too.

  2. Kia ora, Nicole,
    I really enjoyed reading your post, you are making very good points. I am wondering what skills you had to learn so you could use your Chromebook effectively?
    Many thanks from Monika Kern