Thursday, 26 May 2016

Piri and the tekoteko By: Aliyah

When we went to the Marae. I went to my Marae for a Tangi. I saw all my Family. At the Marae I saw a big red Tekoteko on the top of the roof and I did not know what it was. My Cousin told me what it was she said it's to protect the top of the roof and the Marae. She told me the whole story about it when we were going to bed I was asking her questions about what some words meant. Then she told me what happened with the Tekoteko on the top of the roof, I couldn't understand some words. When she finished talking. we fell asleep, in the morning me and my cousin walking into the kitchen and I was staring at the Tekoteko and it was all red. Then the bell rings and all the Family went into the Marae Church. Me and my Cousin went for a swim in the creek because we didn't want to go into Church because it takes for ages and it is boring.

  1. What you were doing or Walt. Writing a story about Piri and the Tekoteko
  2. What you think you did well. Searched for more words in the book
  3. What you think you could do better next time.? I should put more words in it.
  4. Make sure it is your best work. I have correctly check through my work.


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  2. Hey Aliyah your story/recount was great it really show what you did

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