Friday, 13 February 2015

Technology, Day 1

Today Room 8 headed off to Moerewa School to learn about Food & Materials and Workshop. It was pleasing to see all students supporting each other (Manaakitanga) and doing our best (Kaha) while trying to get their pastry springy or figuring out what they are going to make in wood.
Our Life Kaupapa - Choosing Good Food.
Meet your child's technolgy teacher.
                 Mr Edwards                                                        Whaea Dot

Researching, Planning and Practising.
During term 1 our Year 8 will be working with Mr Edwards in the Workshop. Each student will research what they want to make, create a design for it, decide what materials they will make the project out of and of course make/build it. Good luck guys as you have 8 weeks in which to complete it in.

Ohh what to do with an apple?You strudel it. Our Year 7 students are in the Food and Materials room with Whaea Dot. Their first task was to make an apple strudel. This is no easy task. I walked into the lesson and my students were attempting to roll out their dough. I saw only one springy dough, good on you Iesha. So it really pays to follow the recipe.

...and once the dough was ready you placed the apple and brown sugar mixture onto the dough. Our Year 7 learnt to plait the side pastry strips, so that it looked like a traditional strudel. 
Of course after the strudel was placed into the oven to bake, all the students had to participate in cleaning up.


  1. Was it cool at paihia from takuira

  2. great mahi tamariki keep the good work up at technology.

  3. These kids are the best cooks