Friday, 20 February 2015

Te Reo Maori

This week all students were placed in groups where they had to create a script that delivered the Success Criteria in Ka Mau Te Wehi Unit One.

Success Criteria:
1. Greet and respond
2. Ask who is their friend and answer.
3. Ask where they are from and answer.
4. Korero with confidence in a natural setting.

Here are the fantastic results.


  1. Woohoo tino pai nga korero maori nga tamariki. Did you use i-pads to video? I have a problem, my video is upside down, how do I rotate it so we can view on screen? You have done heaps of mahi in the first 3 weeks Miss Simeon. Wish I was in your class. Tumeke Ruma Waru.

    1. Kia ora Room 11,
      We use the IPADs to film and then we download the scene into our youtube account. If I have move than 2 scenes that I want to blend to make one movie, I use youtube editor. My welcome to Paihia School is made up of 8 scenes. Make sure the return button is on the right hand side and your film shouldn't be up-side down. Good Luck.