Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Aniheras Home Animation

This is my stop motion animation I did at home it’s about 3 monsters the first two hated each other at the start and drowned the small one and they had a little monster talk and became best friends The third monster kinda welcomed them into the house with a wand.
The amazing thing about this for me was that it all started when I asked Tania (our Manaiakalani facilitator) for the recipe for playdough.  I wasn’t familiar with cream of tartar so at lunch time she went and bought some for me.
I went home and made some playdough.  Then I made this stop motion animation. I showed my family and they thought it was cool.
I think I did the animation well, especially for my first full solo animation.


  1. Kia Ora Anihera,
    I was so excited to look at your class blog today and see your animation. I am so impressed that you have continued your animation learning at home and shared your learning with your family. I like how you have created your own backdrop and used a box for your scene. Your play dough looks perfect too. After the sad start to the story with the small monster drowning, I was pleased that the other monsters became friends. You are right, you did well for your first full solo animation.

    1. Thank you Tania for the comment and the cream of tartar
      our family is really popular to the product.
      And we now use it for baking and more PLAYDOUGH yeah...

  2. Kia ora Anihera. Great work for your first solo attempt . Your story is amusing. Maybe you could add a music track.
    You are an expert at making play dough. Thank you for making some for Room 6 too. I look forward to seeing more of your videos with animation and your play dough!

  3. Kia ora Anihera. Wow. I am so impressed with your presentation AND you took the time to make it at home. i think it is an excellent first attempt. I'll bet next time there are no hands. :)
    Mrs Lindsay